Thursday, May 9, 2013

{P, H, F, R} Spring has Finally Sprung!

round button chicken


I can never get enough of this view from my deck.  You can really capture some dramatic cloud and mountain images here.

Spring has finally sprung here.  This is the first little daffodil.


Special K had her 11th birthday last week and one of her gifts was a rockin' pair of roller blades.


You'd never guess from this particular photo that Special K has a bit of a goofy side to her.

You can definitely see it shine through in this shot, 

and this shot, too!


Last week I posted the before weeding photo of this same flower bed.  This is how much of the weeding I got done last week and I was well on my way to finishing this bed until . . . 

. . . the vegetable beds began demanding attention.

They are overrun with weeds that cannot be tilled under for a very important reason . . .

. . . these tender, lovely, asparagus are what need some loving attention and care and very careful weeding by hand.  I won't even trust the children with this project.  They are not big fans of asparagus and I worry they might engage in asparagus sabotage.

When the vegetable bed is weed free and I've finished my original flower bed, this will be the next weeding project tackled.  There isn't a flower or bush planted in this bed,  just weeds on top of weeds on top of weeds. I'm not even sure what we will plant here when we are finished, but I am determined there will be a flower bed here come next spring!

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1 comment:

Tonya said...

You keep saying "weeds" but all I see is GREEN. Sigh...I'd love to have your weed problem. Want my sand yard?

11? She is a cutie.