Friday, May 10, 2013

Post Surgery, Old Vehicles, New Vehicles, and Homecomings

Oleander had arthoscopic knee surgery just over a week ago.  Everything went well, except they forgot to tell the poor girl about post operative pain.  It was pretty intense and took her by complete surprise.  She spent the first couple days dazed and upset by the pain, that was not eased by the heavy duty pain meds she was sent home with.  On the third day it seemed she had a breakthrough and she is quickly recovering, although still in some significant pain.  Her follow up visit with her surgeon reassured her and us that the continued pain is completely normal and that she will continue to have pain for the duration of recovery but that it will gradually decrease until she is completely healed.

We've had some major issues with the 12 passenger in the last 6 months.  We've replaced the alternator, the battery, and the brakes.  It's been struggling to start for over a year, but as long as it continued to start on the second try, we haven't been too concerned.  Last week I took it in to have the air conditioning serviced for the summer.  It has a leaking line that will cost $575 to splice and fix or $1300 to replace and they couldn't promise that the $575 fix would actually fix the problem.  Ugh.

We were planning to replace the van later this summer.  That time frame was moved up.  On a whim, we posted our 12 passenger van for sale on Craig's list and a local want ad online.  Within two hours we had an interested party who came out and test drove the van and bought it on the spot.  The quick sale of the van necessitated the immediate purchase of our new vehicle.  We have downsized to an 8 passenger Honda Pilot.  Happy Mother's Day!  It is the nicest car I've ever owned and boy does it have all the bells and whistles, including the much needed 4 wheel drive.  I have to go to the dealership and take a class on how to operate all the special functions.  I'm a bit freaked out by having something so nice.  It's one thing for Wingnut, who's never had so much as a fender bender in any of his vehicles, it's a whole different story for me--the dent and scratch queen. Knowing this, Wingnut made sure our extras package had a back-up camera.

In the midst of all the vehicle exchange, Karate Kid returned home from college.  We are so excited to have her home and as an added bonus, Karate Kid has decided to transfer to a college much closer to home this coming school year.  It is going to be awesome having her so close to home and she's going to love being able to come home and ski every weekend. Print Friendly and PDF


Tonya said...

I can't wait to see the new car! Sounds fun! And so glad KK is home and wanting to live close by. Looking forward to seeing you all!

Natalie said...

Congrats on the new car! I keep thinking we should of just gone straight to the top and bought a 12 passenger van, but so far the suburban is doing just fine. I bet you all will have lots of fun skiing. I tried it once, didn't like it. I prefer to just watch everyone else and drink hot chocolate.

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