Thursday, May 16, 2013

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real} May 16

round button chicken


Spring comes fairly late in our neck of Utah.  We are just now getting blooming tulips.

We planted these last fall and they are doing pretty well, don't ya think?


Baseball season is once again in full swing.  Wingnut Jr. is in little league heaven.  This year he was old enough to join the machine pitch team.


The quality of this photo isn't the best as I zoomed and cropped so you can see how much he loves to make new friends, even with the other team.  Sometimes it goes over well, other times it doesn't.  This opponent seems pretty interested in what Wingnut Jr. has to say.  


I have lens envy.  I wish I had a macro lens.  My birthday is coming up. Hint, hint, Wingnut :)

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9peasMom said...

We are fully into baseball here as well, rain keeps pushing games off though. I'm worried the season is going to end with lots of double headers!

Rebecca said...

hint, hint, HINT! :-)

Macros are FUN.

We had one tulip bloom this year (I've never planted any though) and it was the very kind you had. I took a boatload of pictures of it and intend to post them- oh, someday. Flowers make me so happy.

Have a great day!

Ute said...

Your photos are pretty, even without the macro lens. What lens are you using now? On my wish list is a 35mm lens.