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round button chicken

If it weren't for Instagram, there are weeks I wouldn't have any photos for these posts.  Thankfully I almost always have my phone with me so I don't miss any great photo ops.

The 12 year old has confiscated my phone and has taken over Instagram.  She has uploaded some lovely photos. I love seeing the world through her eyes.  Her eyes are just gorgeous in this sample.

It was downright chilly on Saturday.  It even snowed in the mountains.  Who doesn't love a nice big pot of chili when it's cold out?  The extra beer is what makes me happy ;)

Skoshi A takes the boys on several walks a day so that I can get my work done around the house.  She does this voluntarily.  I think she does it so she can play with the camera on my phone.  I found this shot on my Instagram and just had to laugh.  

We have lovely terraced landscaping with lots of huge granite boulders.  The kids insist on climbing around on the rocks and often try their luck jumping from boulder to boulder.  I think these battle scars are the third set of such wounds for Lil' Wingnut.  Do you think he's learned his lesson yet? Not likely.


Jennifer Hoots said…
Without a phone camera, I would never take pictures! Yours are lovely. Sorry your guy got hurt on the rocks. Ouch!
Skoots1moM said…
climbing and falling was a big part of my childhood...i enjoyed it so much...even the ouchies.
great shots
your daughter is very beautiful

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