Another Update

The last two weeks have taught me I am not cut out for suffering.  It has been hellish being in this much pain with no relief from anything tried. My family doc referred me to physical therapy, but of course I had to wait a few more days to get in.  Last Thursday was the worst.  Wingnut had a trip and I needed to do the school run for JayP and host Special K's birthday party.  Not 5 miles from the house I had to pull over because I was about to faint from the pain.  JayP ended up having to drive the 12 passenger van the rest of the way to school.  I'm honestly not sure how I made it back home, but I have a strong suspicion it involved guardian angels.

Skoshi A and her neighborhood friend ended up planning, cooking for, and hosting the party, as well as cared for and entertained Lil' Lamb.  I spent the day in bed, in the dark, with the door closed. They did a fantastic job with the party and it sounded like the gaggle of little girls had an absolute blast.

One of the few new friends I've made since moving here had been kept abreast of my suffering and had, on several occasions, offered help.  While in my infirmary I checked my email and saw she was once again offering help.  It was definitely time to take her up on it.  Until that email I had no idea how JayP would make it home from school.  This dear, new friend came from the opposite side of Ogden, picked him up from school, and brought him to our side of the Wasatch.  She drove an hour out of her way to do this and then thanked me for letting her help.  What a treasure!

Friday I had my first physical therapy appointment, and I think we've finally turned the corner. The physical therapist feels I do have a disk problem, somewhere around C7.  I am getting relief from the agonizing shooting pain, and I've finally ceased to look like Quasimodo.  He's using a combination of stretching, straightening exercises, and traction.  I love me some traction!  It's the only time I am completely pain free.  The shooting pains down my arm are intermittent, my finger tips are still numb, but I'm feeling much more human and much more optimistic.

Amazingly, the house has not fallen into complete ruin, and the children have not reverted to savagery, much thanks to Wingnut for staying on top of laundry and obvious needs and to Skoshi A for stepping up as surrogate mommy.  Lil' Lamb just loves her!

Oleander had an appointment with a gastroenterologist last week and he has referred her for more testing. He's having her tested for Celiac's disease and gastroparesis.  Both of which, he feels are long shots, especially the second choice, as it is seen usually only in the elderly and diabetics.  He also feels if neither of these diseases tests positive, her symptoms are not worrisome enough for further exploration and may just resolve on their own.  Please keep her in your prayers.


Anonymous said…
My uncle and cousins have Celiac's disease and it is completely managable. It mostly involves changing your diet to nothing with gluten. I hope everything works out for you and Oleander. great job helping out mom Skoshi A!
Katie said…
Praying for you guys Maurisa!! I am so sorry your are in so much pain.

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