Mysterious Ailment

To date, Oleander has seen 3 family practice docs, one surgeon and one gastrointestinal specialist.  She has been on meds for IBS, had an ultrasound, a HIDA scan, been tested for Celiacs, and gastroparesis, and had a complete blood work-up.  The conclusion is that she is perfectly normal and there just isn't an explanation for her ailment.  Since she only seems to be in discomfort for a short time after each meal, and is otherwise happy and content, the docs have decided to just wait and see if this just eventually resolves on its own.  All good news in my book.

The question has been raised, could her ailment be related to her unusual living situation, or home sickness.  Believe me, we have all visited this question on more than one occasion, and the overwhelming consensus has been, Oleander is incredibly happy and well adjusted and would have nothing but pursuit of her vocation as is.

And so we are left with the mystery, and to just wait it all out. She has begun taking probiotics, and we are hopeful they will help, but there is not much else to be done than to continue to pray for her.


Melissa said…
Not sure if you have looked into this or not, but I have a sensetivity to gluten (Found in Wheat, Oats, Rye, Barley, Kamut)and my stomache and intestines reacted badly to it. You have to elminate it entriely from your diet, and your body detoxes for a few weeks, so you feel kind of crummy for a bit, but if you are senstive to it you should feel better pretty quickly after that. I also take a probiotic, it can help repair the intestinal wall after being damaged by gluten. My symptoms of gluten sensetivity are tiredness, achiness, stomache aches, constipation or diahrea, sometimes headaches or fever blister breakouts. Without eating gluten I can avoid all of them.
Mary @ Cheerios said…
We will pray for her to feel better. So glad she is happy where she is, although probably so missed by her family!!!
I was reading this post and thinking about food as well. Is she on any special diet? Maybe taking away certain foods to see if she has allergies? I remember you posting about food and the artificial ingredients, no food colors etc... do you think it may be related? Poor thing~and without her Momma. God bless, Mary@Cheerios
Mary @ Cheerios said…
Have you heard of the GAPS diet? I am new to all of this and cannot give any personal advice but I heard that if there are any allergies to go on this diet for a number of months or up to 2 yrs. Just FYI.
God bless, Mary @ Cheerios

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