Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I believe I've mentioned Lil' Lamb is not the most peaceful sleeper. He squirms, kicks, bats his arms, grunts and groans a good portion of the time he is asleep. Last evening, after having finally given up the ghost, I laid him gently on the couch to snooze while Wingnut and I watched a little Chopped on the Food Network. Every few minutes he would begin kicking and squirming. His little legs would finish poised in the air and he'd settle down until his body relaxed, his legs would drop to the couch, and he'd start kicking again. Wingnut observed that Lil' Wingnut slept better with his legs propped up. In fact, he still prefers to sleep with his legs draped over someone. Thinking it was worth a try, I placed a pillow under Lil' Lambs legs. Sure enough, he relaxed and slept peacefully for the next hour, without becoming restless. I've got to give Wingnut props for recalling our boys need props for their little legs in order to sleep comfortably. I guess that's why he makes the big bucks. Print Friendly and PDF

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