Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Lay Your Burden Down

Last evening was our parish's annual Lenten penance service. There were 10 priests at our disposal, and as the girls needed to be at the parish for CCD later, we took advantage of the opportunity.

Oleander was worried the lines would be long and she wouldn't have the chance to confess if we didn't get to the church early enough, so we ended up leaving Wingnut to come on his own, as he was running a bit behind. On the way up to the church he called and wondered why we'd left without him. Turns out, Oleander was correct in her thinking. If we had waited for Wingnut the lines would have been too long and she would have had to go another day.

JayP was concerned about the line we were in. Would he have to go face-to-face? Anonymity was an important point for him. Oleander reassured him that there would be a screen. She was the first of our family to head into the box. As she emerged, JayP asked once again for reassurance that there would indeed be a screen between him and his confessor. She put him at ease. As she headed to the pews to pray, she passed by me and said, "Father _______ is a really good confessor. You're going to love him." Yep, she may not be a saint (yet), but she is our resident authority on confession.

He was indeed a wonderful confessor and it was a relief to unburden myself. After we had all finished I took the youngest three home. I had a little conversation with Special K about how nice it was to have those sins washed away and how wonderful and light I felt and didn't she feel the same way. Lil' Wingnut wistfully exclaimed, "It's no fair. I'm the only one that didn't get to go." Thank you, God. We are doing something right.

Holy Week is fast approaching. It's the perfect time to lay your burdens down.

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