Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Obama Incredulous Someone Might Actually Need a Large Vehicle

I just can't get enough of this guy's condescending manner. Can you? Check out his reaction to his questioner's family size at 2:16. Now if that isn't graciousness, I don't know what is (insert sarcastic tone here).

BTW, his understanding of the economics of gas pricing is completely off. If we said today we would finally drill, baby, drill, it would be reflected almost immediately at the pump. Gas prices today are only a reflection of "futures". In other words, the price of gas is dependent on the future prospects of production. If it appears there may be more oil production, the price of gas will go down even if that increased production is not immediate. (This is an extremely simplified explanation, but I think one might see what I'm getting at). Here is a better explanation of how oil futures and speculation work.
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Tonya said...

A hybrid van? To fit a family of 12? Yeah, do your research. They don't exist. And, what an idiotic response. 10 kids? Doh. Has he never met anyone with a large family before? What a small, narrow world he lives in.

Dawn said...

Excellent Post Maurisa. Thanks for the link.