Saturday, March 26, 2011

MCP Project 52: Week 12

This week's theme is From the Jewelry Box.
The porcelain box was a gift from my grandmother. It was one of her treasures she kept on a high shelf. When she gave it to me, we discovered two very old silver thimbles and a tiny key to who knows what. I got to keep those little treasures too. The pearls were a gift from Wingnut. He found them in a shop on Okinawa when we were stationed there 14 years ago.

As I was snapping away, I saw that at certain angles I was catching Lil' Lamb waiting patiently for me in the reflection of the mirror. I changed the focus on my camera to get him in sharp focus. I thought this was a neat shot. My children are my true treasures from the jewel box.
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1 comment:

Mary @ Cheerios said...

love them both!!!
Great pics!!!