Tuesday, March 22, 2011

MCP Project 52: Week 11

This week's theme was Darks and Lights. Lil' Wingnut and his best buddy were playing together this week and I thought their sweet friendship fit the theme very nicely.

Aren't they just goofy?

This is the photo I submitted for the week.

Wingnut found a new photo editing program for me and I have been watching the tutorials and using them on some of my photos as part of the learning process. This was a quick and easy technique to learn using layers and masks. Do I really need a new way to fritter away my time? Print Friendly and PDF

1 comment:

Walter said...

Hey Mau,

Hard to tell who the goofier of the two are...right! I find it amazing how you found a way to make one of the boy's skin light and the other's dark!!! It almost looks as if they are ethnically different or something. INCREDIBLE!!! Seriously...Great photo and layering! I really like the holding hands bringing out their color with the black n white background (that pic speaks volumes). Oh and I love the pic of TP from yesterday...he totally looks like you!

Love ya Mau!