Monday, March 14, 2011


I love March Madness. There is just something about the excitement come tournament time that has more to do with the approach of spring than basketball itself. We are died-in-the-wool UNC fans in this house, so much so that all of our children choose UNC to win the whole kit and kaboddle when filling out their brackets. Wingnut and are fans, but we are also realists. Wingnut has the 'Heels gracing the ranks of the Elite Eight, while I have them losing to Syracuse in the Sweet Sixteen. Our children can't believe we are so disloyal.

Just out of curiosity, who do you have in your Final Four? I have Ohio State, Notre Dame, Texas, and Pittsburg, with Pitt and OSU playing in the final game and OSU winning the title. I can't wait for the games this weekend. The tournament rarely fails to surprise and entertain.
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Walter said...

Hey Mau,

I have Ohio State, UConn, Notre Dame and Florida in the Final Four. Ohio State and Notre Dame in the final with the Golden Dome pulling out the Slam Dunk Jesus upset and winning it all. I do have my beloved Zags making it to the Sweet 16 because of favorable bracketing.

Love Ya Mau!


Drina said...

I didn't fill out a bracket, but I'm a true blue UK fan! Go Cats, all the way! :)

(I know they are fairly big rivals to UNC. The only UK game I ever got to see live, they beat UNC. But it's a good game every time they play each other!)