Thursday, March 24, 2011

Appointments, More Appointments, and Still More Appointments

Since the beginning of December we have had one sort of appointment or another at least once a week, and usually two a week. I'm getting pretty sick of it. We've all had doctor's appointment, some have had follow up doctors visits. We are in the thick of dental exams for the next few weeks, especially since we discovered Lil' Wingnut has several cavities that must be filled over a series of appointments. Three of our children see the orthodontist every 4 to 6 weeks and their appointments almost never coincide with each other. I had OB visits and a postpartum exam. Lil' Lamb has had three Well Baby appointments, a PKU test, and a hearing test. Imagine my irritation when it was discovered Oleander's flute had some technical issues and I needed to schedule an appointment to have it repaired. She then needed a time scheduled to rehearse with her accompanist just before a flute competition she had entered. He, of course, lives 45 minutes from our house. The van has logged some serious miles.

It's no wonder I have very little time for blogging these days, with a new baby, homeschooling, trying to keep the house from completely imploding, running kids from one activity to the next, and all these appointments that continue to crop up. I cannot wait for spring break. I'm not scheduling anything for that entire week. I need a vacation!
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Tonya said...

Lose the keys to the van for a couple of days. I'm guessing Lil' Wingnut could accomplish that for you!

aka the Mom said...

You're getting a vacation? Come visit me! Oklahoma is lovely this time of year.