Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Little Appreciation

Often when strangers hear I've birthed 7 babies, I am told, "Wow, you must really love being pregnant." Yeah, right! Um, ladies, Eve shafted us with that original sin thing. Pregnancy and childbirth are not pleasant. Anyone who tells you differently is selling something. Pregnancy is not beautiful and childbirth terrifies me, but the new life created and brought into our family is miraculous and wonderful and worth every last stretch mark and contraction.

Being pregnant does lend itself to reflection on those things I take for granted when I am not pregnant. Things such as:

1) After wearing ill fitting maternity clothes for several months, my non-pregnant wardrobe that I was beginning to become sick of, starts to look really fashionable and fresh.

2) I've been pregnant several times over the last 20 years, and in all that time they still have not come up with a way to make maternity pants fit throughout a pregnancy. I am thankful, once the baby is born, for pants that no longer fall down.

3) I am grateful for being able to eat after 7 pm at night and I'm even more grateful for not having constant heartburn and other digestive problems.

4) I will no longer take sleeping on my back for granted, although with a nursing baby, sleeping on my back will still be a rare occurrence.

5) It is so nice to be able to see my feet, paint my toenails, and tie my shoes. For the last two months, my 8 year old had to tie my shoes for me.

6) I'm glad I can button up my coat on frosty days.

7) My children are thankful I can now give them "instruction" two feet from their faces rather than from my rump sunk in the couch 30 or more feet from their respective locations.

8) It's wonderful to no longer waddle.

9) Breathing freely can never be underrated.

10) Not only does my belly fit behind the wheel of the van, but my feet can reach the pedals at the same time.

What things do you appreciate all the more when you are no longer pregnant?
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Tonya said...

THAT is a GREAT post! I miss sleeping on my stomach when I'm pregnant. And actually sleeping well too. And not feeling exhausted and grumpy for the entire time. Oh, and being able to walk or jog without thinking everything is going to fall out of me ... :-)

Our Family said...

I never heard you complain about any of this, I think all I do is complain when I'm pregnant. You are amazing!
Love # 10 :)