Friday, February 25, 2011

A Case of the Mom Guilts

One draw back of giving birth in a birth center as opposed to a hospital is that in a hospital you have one stop shopping. All the newborn testing, poking, and prodding can be done in one place within hours of your infant being born. We've had to make appointments and travel around to different labs and offices to get Lil' Lamb tested for PKU, hearing, etc. Yesterday was the worst appointment by far. It was his circumcision appointment.

I had no idea how brutal circumcision really is. I nearly passed out. Even worse was the realization for me that it is really painful. The doctor did use local anesthetic, but injecting Xylocaine into that area looked incredibly painful as well. Once the procedure was finished I was able to scoop my distraught baby up and cuddle and nurse him. He calmed down immediately. We relaxed for several minutes, but then the anesthesia wore off. Lil' Lamb suddenly jerked his eyes wide open and let out a horrific wail. He was in pain the rest of the day and forget about changing his diaper. I nearly cried each time I had to change him. He and I spent the remainder of the day, cuddled on the couch, trying not to move.

Deciding to circumcise a son is a difficult decision, one that was always a struggle for me to begin with. After having to witness my little babe's surgery, I really don't think I could do it again. I just can't put another one of my babies through that kind of pain for a such an obscure reason. It really seems just too barbaric.

Thankfully, he is much better today, poor little dear.
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Natalie said...

I'm so sorry you had to experience that yesterday. We've decided not to have our boys circumcised and the only downside is when they are sick, they docs always seem to blame a UTI infection even though neither of my boys have ever had one. Hope Lil Lamb is feeling much better in the next few days and that you are too.

Tonya said...

I'm so sorry! I understand your feelings completely here!

Walt said...

Hey Mau,

There are so many directions I could go with this discussion I just don't know where to start. Some moms out there may find my following words to be insensitive towards my new little nephew...let's not forget ladies I'M A GUY! No one can sympathize more with TPs pain than another dude! need to emotionally toughen up! Yes...having that procedure done hurts but its only a couple of days and its not torture...painful yes torture no. What if you didn't have the "skin" removed and when TP gets older (which would make him TG...el Tigre Grande) he decided he wanted it done??? Trust me he would be one bitter man. Not only would he have to have the portion of his body touched that no man wants ANY procedures done of ANY kind but to have certain pain in the process would never be forgotten. His first thoughts would be "why didn't my mom do this when I was a baby when I would have NO memory of this. Oh she didn't want it done because I would cry!!! A boy crying at a week or two old is acceptable a grown man crying can be a little bit awkward. Talk about would he explain it on his request sheet a work when he asks for medical time off??? I need a week off for a skin graft??? Mau...I know it is never pleasant to see your child in pain at anytime but TP will be a better man having to TAKE THE PAIN at an early age. Great job little guy...heal well!

Love Ya Mau,


Jenny said...

Oh how hard to read. I had feeling against circumcision but ultimately left it up to my husband. He decided for. This is a tough decision with good information on both sides. Being post partum does not help I'm sure. I had a baby that needed frequent jaundice checks. I have never cried so much; partly due to post partum hormones, fatigue, and then just a crying baby.

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