Thursday, February 3, 2011

Intense Love

Poor Lil' Wingnut has had a relapse of the flu. He was spiking a fever closer to 105 than I would like and we had one rough night Tuesday. Thankfully, a cool cloth and a dose of Motrin brought his temp down to something much more tolerable.

In their fevered states, children can often do and say some very unusual things, but I don't recall any of my children talking to baby Jesus like Lil' Wingnut was doing the other night. As I caressed his little head I could hear him whispering a prayer telling baby Jesus to stay by his side and then he said, "I love you baby Jesus." I nearly wept for pity and joy. His supplication for Jesus to stay with him was so sweet and piteous it nearly broke my heart. His heartfelt adoration was about as beautiful a prayer as any I've heard. It's no wonder Jesus loves children so much. Their simple understanding leads to such strong love and genuine faith. To have a faith such as theirs would be a gift indeed.
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Tonya said...

What a beautiful story! How precious.