Thursday, April 15, 2010

Small Successes: Go Mom Go!

Small Successes for April 15, 2010:

1) Laundry is washed, dried, folded and put away.

2) We went back to school on Monday after an 11 day break. It's always difficult getting back into our lessons after taking time off and this week was no exception. We hit a couple of rough spots, really rough spots, and I resisted the urge to buckle under and cry. Did my eyes well up? Yes, they did. Did I feel choked up? Yes, I did. Did I beg God for the grace and strength to keep on pushing through the difficulties? Yes, I did!

3) My Ancient Greek History students have been chomping at the bit, wanting to study the Olympics. I promised we would have an Olympics day the first Friday we have nice weather. This Friday is looking very promising. I've been reading up on the Ancient games, plotting, and planning for our day of competitions. I hope the kids enjoy their Olympic festival!

Have any Small Successes to share this week? Leave your link at Faith and Family Live.
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Farmer's City Wife said...

Blah -- I know what you mean about the break (and the wanting to cry but begging for grace). It seems like my nieces forget everything we've ever done after a break.

Good job on the laundry and good luck on the Olympic festival!

Tonya said...

Another success - always posting, keeping me updated, making me smile and making me wish we still lived closer to you! THAT is a success - being a GREAT friend. Thanks!