Monday, April 26, 2010

The Plight of Motherhood

We had a rough night last night. Lil' Wingnut fell asleep with his sisters and when Wingnut went to retrieve him to bring the lil' guy to our room, he had already wet his sisters' bed. He hasn't been wearing pull-ups to bed for several months and we have rarely regretted it, but last night was nuts. Even after wetting his sisters' bed, he still need to pee like a race horse. Two hours later, I woke to him whimpering, he was wet again and still need to use the bathroom. Another two hours later and we woke to a wet bed again. Three times before 3 am?! Completely stressed out and imagining the worst, I lay awake for a couple more hours.

This morning, I began by questioning the siblings about how much water Lil' Wingnut had drunk the night before. They all reassured me he hadn't drunk very much, and that they had taken him to the bathroom before he went to sleep. So, being the worry wart mother that I am, I went online searching for reasons our three year old was peeing so much and so frequently. As I read through the symptoms of Type 1 diabetes, Lil' Wingnut came strolling through the living room with a baby bottle in his hands. One of our teens had brought it home from a youth group event and apparently 100% breastfed Lil' Wingnut was fascinated with it. I asked him if he'd been drinking water from it. He smirked and nodded his head. I then showed the bottle to his sisters and asked how much he'd drunk from it last night. Apparently, he drank at least 14 ounces of water right before bed. The imp.

This is the plight of motherhood in a nutshell; a child's problem may have the simplest of explanations, but we cannot help worrying and imagining the absolute worst. No one told me how many sleepless nights I'd have fretting over my babies. Well, I was told, but I didn't believe it. Who knew love could be so stressful?
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Young Mom said...

Aww, poor thing! That would make anyone pee like a racehorse. :)

Walter said...

Hey Mau,

Wow...where to begin with this one...I don't know what would horrify me more if I was the Lil' Wingster...the fact that I wet every bed in my house (your house has way more than the national average) or that my mother is posting it on the World Wide Web where right now some 8 year old in China is mocking the fact I gave it up like Nile river in mid flood season! Lil' Wingster obviously has not forgotten about Nursies and is now taking to plastic option to meet his "needs". What he should do is park the feeding tube in his European Man Bag in the evening so as not to over indulge his bladder. I can only imagine the banishment he will be facing from his siblings. Not because of any shame but because... "Who wants to roll around in their brother's pee?" I can't imagine you letting me snuggle up to you when we were children after I had violated the sacred trust of a dry bed! To the wingster all I have to say is "keep it safe and sane my little man!" Take it easy on the "juice" after 5 pm. To you worry too much...but you have the same kind of love for me so I can appreciate the depth of your hear! To the rest of the gang of 6...wear your rain gear to bed for the next few weeks!

Love Ya Mau!