Friday, April 23, 2010

Little Boys and Their Purses

Lil' Wingnut has a bag full of goodies, and they are for sale. So far I've purchased used make-up, a book mark, a pin from The March for Life, a super ball, and a pair of earrings. He's pretty desperate, as he's only asking mere cents for each item.

After selling a couple miscellaneous items to Karate Kid, he let her know his money wasn't for sale. Too bad for her, she's trying to save for college.

Stat Boy asked if he could purchase Lil' Wingnut's brain for two cents. "No, I can't sell you my brain. It's not in my purse," the Lil' guy responded.

Um, it's a European man bag, buddy.
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Dawn said...

Love it. Very cute picture. At least he's selling "important" stuff! Mine try to sell me rocks. :)

Party of Nine said...

hahaha...we were all laughing at that one! So many interesting elements...the man bag/purse, the brain (not) for sale, and the fact that he sells his wares for mere pennies.

B-Rad sells her "stuff", too, but charges way too much, like $2 for a handmade card (how about a quarter?)

Lil W is certainly showing some good business skills!

Tonya said...


Gardenia said...

Hi I just found you. oh I'm going to enjoy reading your blog. nice to meet you.

Walter said...

Hey Mau,

I am going to give Lil' Wingster a pass on the "man bag". At his age he is looking more for convenience and less about making a political or fashion statement...I do dig the Star Wars shirt though. He is picking up his uncle's acumen for sales...that will serve him well. StatNut would try to buy his brain only because he is jealous that his little bro has a higher IQ (that's for calling me abusive on your blog SN!!!) Figures that Shorty would try to "buy" his money...I can hear her say... "Hey Ben, here are 2 shiny quarters for that $100 bill". little genious nephew is too smart for her Jedi mind tricks. I would like to see the wingster go for bigger items like furniture or even the mega thing though Mau...I remeber an older sister who tried to work her younger brother out of his money too...but she succeeded!

Love Ya Mau,


Sarah Oldham said...

Ha ha ha, Kim! Maurisa, I love this. He's getting so big! Too cute!