Small Successes: Awesome!

For anyone visiting this link for the first time, let me tell you this is not how I usually roll. I don't want anyone to get discouraged and think I am always this motivated. You know how every once in a while you get a bee in your bonnet and just really get down and dirty and clean like a maniac? Well, the combination of a "snow day" and a bee in my bonnet is responsible for the shear amount of work I accomplished this week.

1) I really concentrated on dust and fingerprints in our entryway, living room, and dining room. I took down all the drapes and dry cleaned them in the dryer to remove all the dust (I love dryell). I used Murphy's Oil on all the wood furniture to give it all a good polishing. I washed the inside of all the windows (why do the children insist on licking the windows? Gross!). I wiped down walls and lintels, and I dusted all the artwork, portraits, and knick-knacks. That was a work out!

2) I went through and cleaned out the little girls room. What a disaster! They had trash stuffed in every crack and crevasse. You would not believe the number of missing socks I found under the bed! I need to do a better job keeping on top of those two. That room gets so out of control that I think they just don't know where to begin when they are told to clean it.

3) We officially have another licensed driver in our house. Ok, not my success, but it sure is going to be nice to have another taxi driver around here.

Big or small, post your small successes for the week over at Faith and Family Live!


ViolinMama said…
Awesome list!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is great. Wonderful job! I'm holing a baby and one handed, but I love all you've done. God Bless!
Tonya said…
Seriously? #2 is driving! Oh my word. Wasn't he shorter than me just a couple years ago? Now he towers over everyone and is driving!?!
Maurisa said…
Um, he's only 14. Number 1 got her license. Maryland has strict laws and she had to wait 9 months from the time she got her permit until she could test for her license.
Amy said…
Good for you in the deep cleaning department. Does it not feel so good! Enjoy the feeling while it lasts!
LOL, I love your disclaimer! I hadn't read it at first and started thinking, "gosh, I'm a louse" and then I felt better :). Still, though: undeniably a great week!!!
Rob said…
Show Off!!! ;)
I don't see anything about running on the list ????
Melissa said…
Haha! I love your disclaimer! :)
Great job, I don't think I've dusted and de-fingerprinted since before Christmas!
Walt said…
Hey Mau,


(Disclaimer or no disclaimer)

Love Ya Mau

Maurisa said…

I had two incredibly crummy runs this week :/ Now with snow heading our way again, I'm hoping to hit the road again next week. Thanks for all the running advice!
Tonya said…
OH! Phew. I was wondering about all that. My brain was trying to figure out how in the world he was old enough to drive and how old did that make #1. :-) You mentioned her getting a permit a while back, right? Guess I just thought it was a license. :-) Very good to know. The roads are safe for a couple more years!!
Dawn said…
Great work! I need to de-fingerprint and dust as well.

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