If You Ever Need a Good Cry. . .

. . . you should just check out this blog, written by a Catholic homeschool blogger who calls herself "the Mom". She has a wonderful quality to her writing which manages to take every day, ordinary experiences to a certain level of emotionality that leaves many of her readers in tears. Tears of joy, tears of sorrow, tears of frustration, tears of thanksgiving; she brings it all out. Want a good cry, but don't want to read "Love You Forever"? Try reading this post, or this post, or this, or any number of posts in her archives. If you don't leak a single tear after reading those three posts, you can't possibly be human! Even her non-emotional writings are worth a read. While you're at it, read her explanation for the title of her blog: Shoved to Them. The Mom needs to write a book. She's that good.


Rebecca Frech said…
Thanks for the endorsement. If I could find an interested publisher, I'd write it.

When my husband tells people about my blog he tells them I "have a knack for finding God in the every day." I love that description. I like yours too. May I quote you in my sidebar?

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