Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Home School Progress Report

The last couple of weeks have gone fairly smoothly.  Special K is working hard and doing a terrific job.  Thankfully she has completely cut out the whining and bad attitude.  She's really quite smart and is catching onto math very quickly.  

Baby Wingnut asks to do school with us.  For a two year old he really is quite easy to entertain at the table while I work with Special K.  He stings cereal on shoelaces and then happily eats his handiwork.  He loves alphabet and number flash cards. He enjoys placing stickers in little notebooks or coloring books.  He'll stack Special K's unix cubes into tall towers and then will break them apart, one by one.  I'm finding I don't need to employ computer time or videos nearly as often to keep him busy and happy.

Wingnut took over chemistry with Karate Kid which has taken a huge burden from me.  She had her first exam last Friday and she and Wingnut went over it on Sunday.  Other than speeding through it, she did fairly well.  I'm hoping Wingnut will be able to persuade her to slow down and read the questions more carefully.

Speeding through work is a problem most of the children have, whether it be school work, practicing their instruments, or chores.  At times I'm at a loss for how to remedy this short coming.  I've begun making the culprits come back to a task and repeat it under my watchful eye and I'm hoping that having to take precious extra time to finish their work correctly will make an impact.

All in all this has been a good week for school.  I'm not feeling nearly as inadequate or crazy.
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momto5minnies said...

So glad you had a good, productive week!

Mau said...

Just taking it one day at a time ;-)