Thursday, October 23, 2008

Does This Really Matter?

The newest media firestorm is over the amount of money Sarah Palin has spent on her wardrobe. Even our 15 year old gets it, commenting, "She needs to look professional, vice-presidential.  She makes dozens of appearances in a week and she needs to look the part."

This morning it comes out that Sarah Palin didn't even purchase the clothes herself, the RNC purchased them on her behalf for her use on the campaign trail.  This was a completely unfair attack and really pointless to boot (no pun intended).  Why should we care how much the RNC spends on wardrobes for candidates?  I think the only folks with a vested interest in how the RNC spends it's money are those folks that are giving financial donations to the campaign.  If $150,00 of designer duds don't bother the donors, why should it bother the rest of us?

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momto5minnies said...

I am so frustrated over this election. Why must the democrats go there?????

Mau said...

I'm pretty torn about it too. Part of me wants it to be over and to all go away, but on the other hand I am so worried we won't have the outcome I hope and pray for.