When it Comes to Pets. . .

. . . I'm no Saint Francis.  We have two cats and we all despise them.  I swear they conspire to irritate us as we try to leave the house.  If they aren't trying to sneak past us into the house they are sitting directly beneath the garage door, preventing it from closing.  Earlier this week, the two of them were tag teaming it as I tried to close the door.  One would wander in under the door into the garage as the door began its downward motion, causing the sensors to send the door back up.  The next one would wander out of the garage as the door began coming down again.  This happened several times and there I was, in the 12 pass. muttering at the "stupid cats".  The ridiculous animals finally made up their minds and the garage door finally closed.  The entire ride in the van, Baby Wingnut kept asking each of his siblings, in turn, if they had seen "dose 'tupid tats". Thanks a lot you 'tupid tats!


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