Monday, August 25, 2008

What We Are Using for Homeschool This Year

An itemized list of the curriculum we will be using this homeschool year along with the least expensive website to purchase:

Special K: 1st grade

Religion: The First Christians: Act of the Apostles for Children from Sophia Institute; Saint of the Day from Daughters of Saint Paul website

Math: Saxon Math 1st grade from All Catholic Books

Lang Arts: Little Stories for Little Folks from Catholic Heritage Curricula; This is Our Family from Seton; Explode the Code 1 1/2 and 2 from Christian Book; Getty Dubay Italic Handwriting Series Book B from Amazon

Science: Weather Dude CD and Activity Book from Weather Dude; Earth Science Unit using various sources listed in a previous post

History : Map Skills book A from Seton; American History 1789-Present using various sources including historical fiction

Music: Our Musical Year from Emmanuel Books

Art: Artistic Pursuits K-2nd grade Book 2 from Artistic Pursuits

PE: Ballet classes, swim lessons

Skoshi A: 4th Grade

Religion: Same as Special K

Math: Saxon 54 from All Catholic Books

Lang Arts: English for Young Catholics from Seton; Spelling Power from Christian Book; Wordly Wise 3000 Book 2 from All Catholic Books; Historical fiction to supplement study of American history; Getty Dubay Italic Handwriting Series book E from Amazon

History: Map Skills Book D from Seton; Same as Special K

Science: Same as Special K

Music: Formal piano lessons

Art: Same as Special K

PE: Ballet classes, swim lessons, tennis lessons

OJ: 6th grade

Religion: Same as Special K

Math: Saxon 7/6 from All Catholic Books

Lang Arts: English for Young Catholics 6 from Seton; 7th grade Lightning Literature from Hewitt Homeschooling; Wordly Wise 3000 book 4 from All Catholic Books; Creative writing class taught in a friends home; Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing 

History: A History of US books 6-10 from Amazon; Map Skills book F from Seton; Biographies of famous Americans to supplement history texts

Science: Concepts and Challenges book 2 from Emmanuel Books
Music: Formal flute lessons

Art: Artistic Pursuits: Jr High book 1 from Artistic Pursuits

PE:  Same as Skoshi A

Stat Boy: 8th grade

Religion: Same as Special K

Math: Geometry a Teaching Textbook from Christian Book

Lang Arts: 8th grade Lightning Literature from Hewitt Homeschooling; English for Young Catholics 8 from Seton; Vocabulary from Classical Roots book A from Christian Book; Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing; Creative writing class taught in a friends home

History: Same as OJ; Map Skills book H from Seton

Science: Same as OJ

Music: Formal piano lessons

Art: Same as OJ

PE: Taekwondo, tennis lessons

Karate Kid: 10th grade

Religion: Acts of the Apostles and The Letters of Saint Paul Navarre Bibles; Church History and Apologetics through homeschool co-op

Math: Saxon Advanced Mathematics from All Catholic Books

Lang Arts: Medieval British Literature Lightning Literature from Hewitt Homeschooling; Mid-19th Century British Literature from Hewitt Homeschooling; Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing; High School Intensive Essay CD from Emmanuel Books

History: Medieval and Renaissance European History curriculum from Emmanuel Books with several required titles purchased from Amazon

Science: Chemistry curriculum from Kolbe Academy including tests, answer keys and virtual lab cd 

Foreign Lang: Rosetta Stone Italian 2 

PE: Taekwondo, tennis lessons

Music Elective: Formal piano lessons

Art Elective: Artistic Pursuits High School book 1 and 2; Photography class through homeschool co-op

Latin Elective: Henle Latin 1 from Memoria Press
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