A "Blurst" to the Past

A wonderful friend and her three angels took us to a living history town this past week.  It is similar to the archeological digs at Williamsburg, Jamestowne, and Yorktown but on a much smaller scale. Amazingly, this little educational haven is only 20 minutes from my house, and I had never heard of it.  We had a lovely time exploring the grounds and trying out old equipment. One of the carpenters working on reconstructions, even gave us a tour of the garden and one of the rebuilt homes.
The kids all tried their hands at grinding and sifting corn for corn meal.
I just thought this was a cool perspective for a photo, taken from the attic of the rebuilt home.
The "Lost Towns Project" is reconstructing many of the buildings of the original town.  They were happy to let the children help with sawing planks for the rafters.  Here is OJ working hard.
And Skoshi A had a turn at the saw as well.  She was nearly lifted off the ground each time the saw was drawn up.  She is such a little bit of a girl.


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