Talk About Small Successes

I admit, this week I've been a bit pre-occupied with the end of summer and the beginning of the new school year. I am really reaching to squeeze three successes to post this week, but here is what I've eked out:

1) Our parish has a fantastic Labor Day Festival every year. Wingnut had to fly, which meant I took all six of our offspring to the festival, bought them a bunch of tickets, and set them free to enjoy carnival fare, games, and pony rides. We had so much fun! I even managed a few quick visits with friends.

2) We began our school year on Tuesday. For the most part it went pretty well. A couple of the children need to work on attitudes, and Lil' Wingnut needs to get used to playing on his own for a bit each morning, but they did pretty well diving right in this week.

3) We had planned to hit Confession as a family on Saturday, but Lil' Wingnut began his day with an upset tummy and a little vomiting. Undeterred, I took the older 4 to Confession and then to Mass, leaving Special K and Lil' Wingnut at home with Wingnut.

I was able to find three. Good for me! Come leave your small successes at Faith and Family Live.


Walter said…
Hey Mau,

I bought my wife a Honda Odyssey with leather heated seats for her birthday...that's my success!

Love ya Mau,

Your Bro!
JJ's Mom said…
I'm super impressed that you got yourself and the oldest kids to confession despite a sick younger child! God bless!
ViolinMama said…
I'm with JJ! #3 is amazing!!!! What a blessing and gift to yourselves!

God Bless!
Party of Eleven said…
Great successes! At least tomorrow is Friday, right? I hope your little guy is feeling better!

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