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Nicknames are common in our family. Wingnut has a knack for creating pretty unique pet names for the kids that often make absolutely no sense, but continue to be used as terms of endearment.

Karate Kid has always been Wingnut's "little noodle head". Her uncle has always called her "Shorty".

Stat Boy was called "Gummy Joe" as an infant, but is more often referred to as "the boy", nowadays.

I believe I was the one that came up with the nickname "Oleander" for Oleander. Oleanders are beautiful flowering bushes that are also one of the most poisonous plants in existence. Read into that what you will.

Skoshi A has always been our "Queen Monkey". She's also been called "little A" or "Skoshi A". Skoshi being a japanese word that means small or little.

Special K has had the most nicknames of all the children. Her personality just screams out for nicknames. She has been "Flabber-doo", "Flibbity-flab", "Bobbley-doo", "Boo", "Skit-skat-skoodle-doot-flip-flop-flee" and "Kit-kat".

Our Lil' Wingnut goes by "Benedactyl", something between a pterodactyl and Benedryl.

Evidently, Lil' Wingnut has inherited the creative moniker gene. Several months ago he referred to me as his "little widgey". Any idea what a "widgey" is? The term of endearment he created for his daddy really takes the cake. While cuddling with us on our bed yesterday afternoon, Lil' Wingnut referred to Wingnut as his "little earwax". Um, yeah, nice one, buddy.


Tonya said…
Little Earwax? Wow, that IS creative! I'm sure Wingnut was thrilled. :-)
Walter said…
Hey Mau,

Word to ya Brotha!!! Woo hoo...I got props in the blog! My week is complete. I think you misspelled LW's nickname...he referrs to himself as Little W(E)dgey and not Widgey...if that's the case then by fine young nephew needs some new bigger boy underpants! I can't imagine the uncomfort level that would cause him to call himself Little Wedgey! As for the rest...Stat Nut, Shorty, Angelina the Ballerina, Little O and Kitty Kat Meow Meow...I love their nicknames just fine!!!!

Love Ya Meme

Walter Wart The Freaky Frog!
Maurisa said…
Walter Wart,

I had forgotten! As I was contemplating this post I had meant to expose your family nickname. Now you've beat me to the punch.

As for LW. He was not referring to himself as "Little Widgey" he was referring to me as HIS "Little Widgey". I am certain he did not mean to call me his "Little Wedgie"!

Love ya too,
Anonymous said…
Thats a really lame nick name baldy.

Anonymous said…
Haha! Love it!

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