Getting it Done, Little by Little

Small Successes Thursday, an opportunity for moms to pat themselves on the back for getting the job done.

1) Five of our six kids needed new tennis shoes. I took the whole gang to the shoe store, $211 later, they all have new shoes. I know I could have spent much less, but three of the five now wear adult sizes. Adult shoes are so much more expensive than children's shoes. Another factor that tends to drive the price upward is Wingnut believes everyone should wear well made, supportive shoes. He insists that we buy brand name shoes and have them fitted properly. As he's willing to shell out the dough for good shoes, I'm willing to submit :-)

2) I went through and swapped out most of the summer wear for fall and winter wear for the two younger girls. Other than their tennis shoes, I won't have to purchase a single item of clothing for either one of them. They had so many hand me downs from older sisters, friends, and neighbors, they were able to be a little picky and weed out some of their wardrobe. I gathered a bag of clothes the girls thought they would never wear and will pass them down to someone else down the road.

3) When I wrote out lesson plans this week, I left Friday open so that we could take a field trip. Our local science museum has homeschool days in September, and from what I could gather from their site, admission for homeschoolers is free. I'm usually not very good about planning field trips for the kids. I tend to get bogged down in making sure we meet our school work goals, and forget that sometimes we just need a break from the monotony. The kids are pretty stoked about going on a field trip, especially since some their friends are hopefully joining us. Watch out Baltimore, here we come.

Do you have any small successes to share? Check out the fun at Faith and Family Live.


Party of Eleven said…
#1! We did the same thing this week...weird :) And we bought 5 out of 6 pairs, too. Except we bought Church shoes. #2 is great and Have a great time tomorrow for #3! Sounds like fun!
Rob said…
It really is all about the shoes (well and the hair). You can never spend too much on good shoes. I have a pair of running shoes that cost $175 :-O
Love The Imelda Marcos of Running Shoes
Sophie Miriam said…
Do you have the experience that the expensive shoes don't last as long? I used to spend upwards of $50 on every pair of shoes, only to have them fall apart within a year. When I gave up and started wearing $20 shoes from Rack Room Shoes or Payless, I found that they actually last longer.
Katie said…
Maybe we will we see you there . . . we are planning on going back to the museum again this Friday!
Maurisa said…

Have not had that particular experience as we've never gone with Payless shoes. Usually the kids outgrow their shoes before they wear them out, except for Stat Boy. He's pretty hard on shoes, but he is also the one who definitely needs good shoes. He has foot problems that require special supports, etc. So we have to go with Asics or New Balance. Karate Kid no longer outgrows her shoes, but I still get her a new pair every year as the cushioning and support can wear down over time.
ViolinMama said…
I'm SO sorry I'm so late. I'm here, reading when I can - it has just been too hard for me lately. Thanks for taking the time to post this and inspiring us all! God Bless!

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