Happy Housewife

Patrick Archbold had an intriguing, if not controversial post last week on CMR. There was a comment on that particular post that saddened me and has stuck with me ever since reading it. The commenter wrote, " I never wanted to be a mom because all the mom's I knew were unhappy." It broke my heart to read it.

My mom stayed home with us as we were growing up. I had a carefree, wonderful childhood. My mom was always home. I felt safe, secure, and loved. I am so grateful she stayed home with us, and from what I recall, she seemed content to be there.

As we entered our high school years, mom joined the workforce so that my parents could afford a college education for the three of us. My parents helped me pay for college, and I got my bachelor's degree in sociology. College was enjoyable and I am thankful for the sacrifices my parents made, but all I ever wanted to be was a wife and a mother. I worked for the year between graduating from college and my marriage to Wingnut. I worked as a substitute teacher and took graduate courses toward my master's degree in education, while Wingnut labored in pilot training, during our first year of marriage. We never discussed what our plan was once children came along. When we did finally discuss starting our family, I let Wingnut know that if I was going to have children, I was going to stay home with them, end of discussion. What a blessing I married a man who felt the same way I did. He was 100% behind my plan. We started our family and I got my "dream job."

I really mean that, too. I am here today, bearing witness, that happy housewives do indeed exist. Not only am I living proof, but the majority of my friends also fit this description, although their paths, and dreams may have been very different from my own.

That is not to say life is perfect around here. I think I've honestly posted on many of the challenges we face from day to day. Every family has challenges. I am not immune to becoming tired, frustrated, impatient, and downright resentful at times. It can be tough to serve ALL. THE. TIME. I am so very thankful for the Sacraments, especially Confession and the Eucharist. They keep me on track, refueled, and at peace.

I cannot imagine having a more exciting or more fulfilling career. God Willing, when I stand before Him on Judgement Day, it will have been a job well done.


Sophie Miriam said…
How terrible is it that my first thought was, "I'd like a dress like that?"
Shawna said…
Thank you. I didn't aspire to be a full time home maker, mother and wife, but am so grateful to be one. It's sad that our society doesn't appreciate the value of this role which I think contributes to the unhappiness of some moms. I love my "job"! (most days)
Anonymous said…
I told Klayt when we first started dating that I wanted to be a SAHM and wife and could he handle that. He said sure and hasn't complained once about how I do things around the house and with the boys.
Dawn said…
Sophie..that's okay..my first thought was I wish I could fit in a dress like that. :)
I think the key is in your husband. When he is supportive of your role as wife and mother and recognizes the importance of it than it is so much easier to fulfill your vocation and be "happy". Good men sure are hard to find. Glad God put one in my way. Literally.
Sarah - Kala said…
Yeah, I was like, "NICE dress!"

I agree with Dawn about the supportive husband. I have that and boy, am I ever thankful!!

I love my vocation!
Tonya said…
Seems like many of the older women I know are bitter about their lives. I always wonder if that is what we have to look forward to!!! I sure hope not.

I think that, apart from a relationship with Christ, you are miserable - whether you stay home with your children or not.

As for me, I did NOT plan to have children, stay home, homeschool them. But I'm so thankful God chose this path for me! I cannot imagine any other life.
Maurisa said…
I admit, I posted the picture above because of her cute dress. There was a day when women did their house work in dresses, not in sweats. I wonder what happened? I can't imagine doing that today!
Walter said…
All I have to say is "Happy Wife...Happy Life!"

Love ya Mau...

Your Bro
Kristi said…
I have noticed a pattern. People who have had a nice upbringing like you have seem to be happier. Everything just seems to fall into place. Life is much simpler for people who had the traditional upbringing. Its too bad more people cant get that.

Its too bad that the person you quoted never wanted to be a mom. But, Im sure they had some really legitimate reasons:(

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