Pat Yourself on the Back

Time once again for Small Successes, brought to you by the wonderful folks at Faith and Family Live.

1) We are in the kitchen, once again, if you fly with the FlyLady. Last month our kitchen got the toothpick and Q-tip treatment. Not this month. I did wipe down the filthy microwave after someone, who will remain nameless, let their chili explode all over the inside. The refrigerator also got the once over, just in time for grocery shopping. Does anyone know why there isn't a "d" in refrigerator, but there is one when we call it "the fridge"?

2) With a few small exceptions, our school week has gone fairly well. It seems like each day there is a run-in or difficulty with a different kid. I suppose that is bound to happen when you have six. We've done really well sticking to our weekly assignments and I've not resorted to a single video for the three year old. Lil' Wingnut is playing so much better on his own and he's still enjoying his special "school time only" activities.

3) Wingnut and I are still hanging in there with the P90X. Our school year schedule is in full swing, which truly makes carving out the hour plus much more difficult. We have not been able to do our workouts together at all this week. I'm pretty proud of doing the workouts on my own, without the added benefit of Wingnut beside me encouraging me along.


Jennie C. said…
How do you like the P90X? My husband's unit was thinking of doing that for morning PT.
Tonya said…
So with you on refrigerator and fridge. Doesn't make any sense! Good for you on the P90X workouts. Are you seeing a difference in strength, weight, clothes fitting? :-)
momto5minnies said…
I think that the hubby and I are going to do P90x AGAIN. Maybe we will actually get through the 90 days. I hear you on how hard it is to carve out that one hour *together*

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