And so it Begins

I rose early this morning, before all the children, which is truly out of the ordinary for me. I dressed, took the trash to the curb, and then sat in the still and prayed. Today is our first day of school and I am looking forward to a wonderful year. I prayed for wisdom and guidance, I prayed for my children, I prayed for all our friends and family in need, I thanked God for the beautiful family he has given us and the many ways He has blessed my life, and then I sat in silence, and stillness waiting for God. I was filled with such peace. I hope I am able to do this every morning. It is the right way to begin my day and our year.

The children are beginning to stir. The coffee maker is primed and ready to brew. I am off to start our day.

May God rain Blessings down on you all, especially those beginning school today!


Dawn said…
Thanks for your quick prayer for our school year! You and yours are also in our prayers. We said the Rosary this morning with Father Pacwa on EWTN. The kids liked seeing the scenes from the Holy Land. We'll pray it that way until we've gone through all the mysteries.
Mary @ Cheerios said…
That could have been my post!!! Thanks for saying ALL I wanted to say! :) Even to the garbage by the curb-its our trash day too! You had such a more eloquent way of saying your 1st day of school thoughts...much more than my post today!LOL! Ha:)
God bless you and your school day and year!
mary @ Cheerios
Tonya said…
Love the way you started your school year. I hope you do start every day that way! :-)
Sarah - Kala said…
May you all have a blessed year!!
Walter said…
Hey Mau,

Sawyer started Junior High yesterday...was able to avoid being stuffed in a locker! Thank God he has his mother in him!

Love Ya Mau,

Your Bro!

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