The Plan: Everything Else

Wow, the school year is upon us! I've been frantically clearing out the old, and restocking with the new all week, and we are almost ready to go. We have all new school supplies and our cupboard looks so nice and organized. I'm really looking forward to the new school year. It should be a good one. God's Will be done.

Special K--Second Grade

Math: Saxon 2

Art: Our plan is to explore and attempt creating art related to our ancient history work.

P.E. Ballet, swimming lessons, and tennis

Skoshi A--5th Grade

Math: Saxon 65

Music: piano lessons

Art: see Special K

P.E. Ballet, swimming lessons, tennis

Oleander--7th Grade

Math: Algebra 1/2

Music: flute lessons

Art: See Special K, Oleander also wants to continue with the Artistic Pursuits series.

P.E. Ballet, tennis

Stat Boy--9th Grade

Math: Saxon Algebra II

Language Arts: Seton Grammar 9, Vocabulary from Classical Roots B, Write Shop, Stat Boy's literature will come from the history program we are implementing using Mother of Divine Grace's syllabus for High School Ancient History.

Electives: Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing, piano lessons, Rosetta Stone Italian I, taekwando (for PE)

Karate Kid--11th Grade

Math: Saxon Calculus

Literature: Lightning Literature's British Christian Authors of the 19th Century for first semester, second semester is yet to be decided.

Electives: Classical Rhetoric with Aristotle, piano lessons, Rosetta Stone Italian III, taekwando, Henle Latin

I'm still working on a plan for religion this year. Our goal is to make it to daily Mass at least once a week. I'm leaning toward using the Family Catechism from Apostolate for Family Consecration and learning more about many of the wonderful sainted priests of the Church in celebration of The Year for Priests.

That about sums it up. Sorry for the mish-mash of information. I had wanted to do a bit more reviewing and describing of the materials we use, but time is short. I created links to most everything here, so you might check it all out on your own time. May God Bless our new school year!


Katie said…
IS Special K ahead in Math? You have me worried. J is using Saxon 1 for first grade . . . is he on schedule, or are you ahead?
Maurisa said…
OOps! No, she is not ahead in math! She is using Saxon 2, not 3. I'll fix that now :-)

Sorry to have stressed you!
Party of Eleven said…
This is a great idea! I like how you linked everything. Mind if I steal it? I think the grandparents might like to see what we are up to.
Walter said…
Hey Mau,

Not much to comment about your post from my end except wow...what a bunch of geniuses!!!

I love dem kids!!!

Love ya Mau!

Your mentally inferior Bro
Tonya said…
Did I miss something? Science? I know you always do something fun for science, so was interested in what it is this year! :-) I will have to spend time later perusing your links. Glad you posted this. :-)

Wish we could come over this afternoon and hang out. Miss you all.
Mary @ Cheerios said…
Thanks for sharing your plan for the school year. I wanted to add in for your 11th grade daughter, you mentioned the "Family Catechism" from Apostolate for Family Consecration-which I totally LOVE- did you know that there is an online catechism that goes along with it or separately and it is awesome!?!? WE have a catechism night and my husband leads it off of this link:
We find it super helpful for all ages-even us!
God bless,
Mary @ Cheerios
Maurisa said…
Thanks Mary,

I did come across the online version and I'm looking forward to trying it out.

As a clarification to what I posted, I meant for the religion plan to apply to all the children, not just the 11th grader. Looking over my post now, I see how I did not make that clear. :-)

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