Our Holy Week and Easter In Photos

Holy Week is exhausting, and wonderful, and exhausting.  We had something going on most everyday including double and Masses on Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday (attending and serving Masses in both the Ordinary and Extraordinary forms at two different parishes).  I didn't take many photos because we were really "in the moment" quite often. These are just a few of the things we did throughout the week.

Chris and I attended Tenebrae in Park City.  I made it to Thursday and Friday. Chris made all three days. 3:45 wake ups for a 5 am service was a sacrifice but is was well worth it and really helped us delve deeply into the beauty of the Triduum.

Holy Thursday tradition is to have roasted lamb.

Benedict and I on our way to the Easter Vigil Saturday evening. I cantored and sang with the choir and he served on the altar as the incensor.

Leo continued the bunny cake tradition this year with a storm trooper bunny. Angela helped bring the seemingly difficult idea to fruition.  We really need to make a photo album of all the different bunnies we've created over the years.

We usually wait to decorate eggs until Eastertide. Leo and his buddy Lily really enjoyed decorating these keep sake composite material eggs with dye and beautiful religious shrink wraps I found on a Catholic site.

Finished eggs

Our Marian shrine image has changed once again to my very favorite image--Our Lady of the Lilies. The real lilies I have have such a lush perfume to them. 


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