Notre Dame Burns

I spent the day stunned and heart broken watching images and video of the gorgeous Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris engulfed in flames.  She appeared to be completely gutted and destroyed.  What a miracle that so little damage was actually done. The altar survived, much of the interior survived, the twin bell towers survived, and the beautiful rose stained glass windows survived. Most importantly, the Blessed Sacrament was rescued as well as the relic of the crown of thorns, among other relics.

It shouldn't be lost on anyone that this unfortunate fire occurred at the very beginning of the most holy week of the year for Catholics.  It seems to be symbolic of what is happening in the Church right now. The burning of Notre Dame should serve as a reminder for us that the Church is currently engulfed in the flames of scandal and confusion. This week of all weeks we should redouble our fasting and prayers for Holy Mother Church as she continues to burn. Let us pray the Church is rescued from the iniquity of those seeking to fatally damage Her and that She might be restored to Her proper glory in Christ.


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