The Joy of Shared Adventures

I was able to get in my first outdoor workout this year.  I walked a brisk three miles and listened to my second podcast. My first podcast was on social media platforming (there may or may not be more on that in the future).  This podcast is from Ascension Press and is called Abiding Together.  My friend, Sam, introduced it to me, but little did I know I had just recently promoted their current series on The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe on Facebook for Catholic Sistas.

The boys and I are just finishing up the final book in the Chronicles of Narnia series and I thought listening to Sister Miriam, Heather, and Michelle discussing the original book in depth from a Catholic woman's perspective sounded very intriguing. I was not disappointed.  It's a great podcast and very engaging.  I loved the conversation and it gave me so much to consider. Some of my favorite points had to do with Lucy's character--innocent, light, cheerful, but with the heart of a lion; the contrast between Lucy's vibrant femininity and the White Witches broken femininity; the presence of Edmund's fallen character in each of us; and Lucy's shear joy when she discovers her adventures in Narnia will become a shared adventure with her siblings. It was a delight to have something positive to think about while walking and it made me feel like I was sharing in an adventure. Listening to great podcasts will be my new go-to when I am able to get out for walks.  I am truly looking forward to continuing this series and to seeing what else the world of podcasting has for me.


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