Under the Wings of Their Spiritual Care

Olivia and Angela just returned home from a 9 day trip back to Maryland.  They had a wonderful time visiting several family friends, our old parish, and spent the last few days in the convent with the postulants of the Sister Servants of the Lord and the Virgin of Matar√°.

The sisters have been so good to our family for the last 10 years.  As little girls, Olivia, Angela, and Katerina all participated in the weekly Saturday Oratory run by the SSVM.  The sisters taught CCD to Katerina in our parish, a sister served as Olivia's sponsor when she was confirmed, and Olivia spent nearly 5 years in formation with the sisters before discerning out a year ago.  Even though we've moved far away and Olivia has ended her formation with the SSVM, they have faithfully stayed in contact with us and continue to pray for us.

I was touched when Angela showed me the books and lovely note the sisters gave to her as a graduation gift.  We have been so blessed by our contact with the SSVM.  Our family has been constantly under the wings of their spiritual care.  God bless the SSVM and the entire Institute of the Incarnate Word family.


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