Garden Plans 2017

A couple years ago, I read an article about deep mulch gardening.  The idea is that with several inches of mulching material one does not need to weed as often or till every year.  Our garden plot is rife with weeds and I spend endless hours every summer culling.  It is positively back-breaking.  Why not give deep mulching a try?  We purchased 8 bales of hay from one of Chris' co-workers and I've been planting and mulching between each row for several days.  So far I've planted 20 more strawberry plants, 2 boysenberry bushes, 2 blackberry bushes, 2 rows of green beans, 2 rows of cucumbers, a row of kale, a row of swiss chard, and a row of lettuces.  I still have zucchini, crook necked squash, and butternut squash left to plant.  I'm considering jalape├▒os and tomatoes as well.  We'll either have a bountiful harvest of veggies or a field of alfalfa when the summer is out.  Fingers crossed!

Grow little garden! Grow!


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