Whiskers on Kittens

Our miniature farm has become overrun with mice.  The neighborhood cats can no longer keep up with managing the rodent population.  We decided we need to add a couple kittens to our family to help rid our garden and hen house of mice.  Nadja found a couple kittens through  local online want ads and brought home two brothers, Zuko and Sasuke in August of last year.  They weren't more than 6 weeks old and were so cute, mischievous, and friendly.  We discovered they were excellent mousers as well.

Zuko kitty looking out the window from here favorite perch.

Don't let this photo fool you.  Cat and mouse are not the bosom buddies they appear to be.  Saskuke was merely taking a little break from batting this very confused mouse around.

In January, a suspicion I had about the two brothers was confirmed.  They were not brothers at all, but two sisters.  Zuko gave birth to 4 kittens on March 15th.  She's been a very good mama and we've really enjoyed having kittens again.  

I love their sweet little faces.

Just look at those whiskers.

They rule the roost,

and have stolen our hearts.

Unfortunately, we cannot even consider keeping six cats, no matter how cute. The four kittens will go to their new homes next week, just in time for Sasuke to deliver her little litter. 


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