I'm Back???

It has been several months since I've posted.  Life has been crazy busy and one of my outlets had to go by the wayside.  I've also decided it was time to make this blog public once again.  The reasons for making it private have resolved, for the most part.

What have we been up to the last 9 months?  Our focus has been on helping Olivia readjust to family life after having lived with a religious community for four years.  She's done amazingly well! We were able to get her accepted to the local university in the fall and she dove in head first taking on a rigorous program of study in Emergency Medical Services.  She's a straight A student and passed her national EMT exam in January. Recently, she was accepted into the paramedic program beginning this fall.  She seems to be very satisfied with the direction God is calling her and we are so thankful the adjustment period went so smoothly.  Unfortunately, with her years away from home, she was never able to obtain a driver's license, and so our days have been filled with running her to and from school, which is a 30 minute drive each way.  Happily, she is working hard on accumulating driving hours and she should be a fully licensed driver by the end of May at the latest.

Nadja lived with us until January, when she moved to an apartment much closer to work in Salt Lake City.  She is once again lab supervisor for Salt Lake Mosquito Abatement and really enjoys her work.  At this point she is weighing her options, still unsure if grad school is in her future.

John Paul lives on his own and has learned "adulting" is tough but rewarding.  He is working as a manager in a restaurant and is still hoping to go to school with an interest in business.

Angela will graduate high school in May.  She applied to NET Ministries this last winter, but then found out she would not turn 18 in time to be considered for this year. She really feels called to serve with NET and plans on applying again for next year.  In the meantime, she applied to the same school as Olivia and was accepted.  She plans on majoring in psychology, which I think is a wonderful fit for her.

Katerina continues to astound us with new artistic talents.  She draws, paints, sings, plays the piano, and absolutely flourishes on the violin.  She was invited to become part of the local chamber orchestra next fall.  She spends countless hours everyday practicing.  It has been a real gift.

Benedict has become an incredible and diligent student.  He's such a joy to homeschool and he sets such a wonderful example for Leo.  He has consistently declared his desire to become an inventor.  I can see engineering in his future--unless he eventually called to the priesthood ;) He's earned the position as altar boy #1 from our priest and is also learning to serve the Latin Mass.

I am so glad I thought to ease Leo into kindergarten this year.  It has been a decision richly rewarded. In just a few short months he's absolutely astounded us with his math comprehension, and has been learning to read with little cajoling.  Best of all, he's incredibly proud of himself and actually asks to do school nearly every day. He worships the ground Ben walks upon and has insisted he wants to become a policeman/inventor.  His ideas are absolutely hilarious, but also show a mind constantly at work.

I am hoping to write here more consistently.  We shall see if life will allow it.



Maurisa, It's nice to see you back again! While I've been absent as well from the blogging world, you have often been in my thoughts and prayers. Happy and blessed Easter to you and your beautiful family +++
Anonymous said…
AHH She will Love NET! I served for a year several years ago and it was the best thing I've ever done! Good for her!

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