Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Spokane 2014

The 7 kids and I made our annual trek to visit family in Spokane last week.  Hence the blog silence.  We had an enjoyable time and I was able to take them to several of my favorite Spokane haunts from my childhood.  I took my camera everywhere we went, but I ended up not taking nearly as many photos as I had planned.  No biggie.  It just means we were having too much fun to stop and snap photos.  I do have a bunch on my iPhone.  Maybe I'll post some of those later this week.

Manito Park Playground

This was a favorite for my brother, sister, and I growing up.  Our grandmother lived near this lovely, sprawling park with duck pond, rose garden, green house, formal gardens, and playground. She would take us on those special occasions we were allowed to spend the night with her.

Arend Hall Whitworth College

At least it was Whitworth College when I went there years ago.  It is now Whitworth University.   Arend Hall was the dorm I lived in during my freshman and sophomore years.

River Front Park

40 years ago Expo was held here near the center of downtown Spokane.  The pavilion was once covered in fabric, but would tear after heavy snow falls and disintegrate from weathering.  It is now a skeletal landmark structure that dominates the park's skyline.  This is another sprawling park with lovely grounds, a carousel, IMAX theater,  mini-amusement park, and locale for all sorts of cultural and social events.  In the winter, the pavilion houses a lovely skating rink.

 Lower Spokane Falls

Just a short walk from the main park are the upper and lower falls.  The lower falls boasts a short gondola over the river--which we took advantage of on this trip.  I remember riding the gondola as a kid with our grandmother.  Funny, I don't ever recall becoming so motion sick!  The photo is of all but one of the cousins from my side of the family.  They are a motley crew, but a lot of fun!

Old Man

Our dad celebrated his 68th birthday on Father's Day.  My sister made awesome American style enchiladas, a big salad, and two delicious home made dressings.  I made the carrot cake, complete with goat cheese frosting.  He looks pretty good for an old man, no?

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