Thursday, June 26, 2014

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real} Arizona

round button chicken

 We just returned from a quick trip to Arizona to visit Wingnut's family.  His dad had a double bypass earlier this month and we thought we should really take a trip down to see him.  He really enjoyed seeing the kids, especially the little boys.  He is tired, but recovering very well, thank goodness!

On our way home we stopped at the Grand Canyon.  It was a beautiful day, but a little hazy.  I loved this shot of the ravens against the magnificent back drop.

Wingnut's older brother also lives in Arizona and lucky us, he has a pool.  It certainly was refreshing during those 100 plus temperature afternoons!

We also took a detour to Winslow Meteor Crater.  Funny thing is, my favorite shot from that stop was through this open window opposite the actual crater.

I think most everything in Arizona is prickly, spiky, or thorny.  Beware on walks around the wash!

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