Thursday, June 19, 2014

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real} Instagram Vacation Version

round button chicken


These are the lower Spokane Falls


We were able to visit GG and the boys played a couple of hands of UNO with her.  At 103, I know there are not many visits like this left.  It made her happy to see the kids.

This is a Domini's sandwich.  It is the most amazing sandwich spot in the country.  The bread is made fresh each day and is sliced thick.  It is soft in the center and the crust has just the right chew.  The meat is sliced only when the sandwich has been ordered, same for the cheese.  Then they pile it high. Get there early, because they only serve during lunch and when the bread is gone lunch service is done.

We spent the morning at River Front Park.  The younger kids thought the large blocks were really cool.


Selfies on the gondola over the lower falls.


This is the face of evil, according to the 3 year old.  Really this is Reggie the snorkie (Yorkshire Terrier/Schnauzer mix).  He is my brother's adorable puppy and Lil' Lamb was not a fan, even though he was 3 times as big as the dog.  Poor little Reggie, all he wanted was to play.

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