Thursday, March 7, 2013

Under Construction

Our house is going to be in an uproar for the next several weeks.  We are having hard wood floors installed in the living areas and dining room.  We went with unfinished hickory and there is definitely a "process" that needs to happen before completion.  Once the wood floors are installed, we'll be replacing the carpet in the two upstairs kid bedrooms and hallway, but before that can happen I need to finally repaint and finish the make-over of the girls room I began last year.  I'm really hoping to have all of this done before my two oldest girls come home for Easter.  Karate Kid is only here for 4 days and I don't want her short time home to be stressful.  She gets enough stress at school.  Time to go to good Saint Joseph to intercede for a quick and stress free mini-remodel!  I'll be sure to post after photos when we have completed our projects. Print Friendly and PDF

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