Summer Reading List

I have Kindle on my iPad and I have fallen in love with reading books on it.  I love the immediate gratification of being able to download a novel and begin reading it right away.  No more waiting for the UPS truck to bring my Amazon finds, as long as Kindle carries the title!

Imagine the thrill I had when I discover Amazon has a very nice selection of FREE books.  Yes, FREE!  I downloaded the entire collection of Elizabeth Gaskell's books and short stories, many titles I had not yet read.  I ❤ Kindle.  I ❤ Amazon.  I ❤ free books.  I ❤ that I've discovered how to use special characters on my blog.


Michelle said…
Now see if your local library has free Kindle books to loan. My summer junk reading is the long list of Ladies' No. 1 Detective Agency books by Alexander McCall Smith - all FREE from my public library (good thing, because they'd be $8 each or more via Amazon for my Kindle, and I'm on Book #8). Pregnancy/PCS insomnia at 2 am has me downloading and reading a new title in a few minutes.
Katie said…
You are actually making me want to get a Kindle . . . but I am not sure I can make the switch. I love the feel of a book in my hand.
bobbi said…
Thanks for the heads up. I just downloaded some E.G. :-)

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