Summer Homeschool

We normally do not do any formal homeschooling during the summer, except some math drills to keep our math skills up.  Special K has about 10 more lessons in her Saxon 54 book and we are completing those over the course of the summer alongside Minute Math Drills at each child's grade level.

We've also engaged the kids in a little civics and citizenship.  We'll be talking a lot about the upcoming elections, religious freedom, what it means to be truly pro-life, etc.  As far as economic policy is concerned, the best lesson plan I've found is this hilarious comedy spoof by christian comedian Tim Hawkins.  You may remember him from the hilarious Addams Family/Homeschool Family video that has made the rounds on the internet several times over.  Enjoy this hilarious take on what the government can do for you, and you might even learn some awesome dance moves along the way.  Happy Monday!


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