One Final Sacred Heart Post

As part of our celebration of the Sacred Heart, we made Sacred Heart T-Shirts.  We used two different techniques.  Sand paper transfers and tye dye.  I made the boys shirts and let the girls make their own.

I really liked the sand paper transfers.  Using fine grade sand paper and crayola crayons draw and fill in art work of your choice.  Place the sandpaper, artwork down, onto a cotton t-shirt and iron over the top with a hot iron.  

Hold in place for several seconds and then lift off the sand paper.  Place a couple paper towels over ironed on design and run the iron over a couple of times to set the design.

Lil' Lamb's finished t.

I used fabric markers to write "O Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us."

The girls tye dyed heart designs after watching this video on how to fold the material to achieve the heart shape.

They then used fabric markers and sharpies to draw thorns, flames, and a cross to finish the Sacred Heart design.

Skoshi A's finished shirt

Special K drew The Immaculate Heart on the back of her t.

Two things I would do differently: 

 Use 100% cotton shirts.  The colors do not take as brightly on a 50/50 blend shirt.

Don't waste $ on fabric markers.  Sharpies worked much better.  They are easier to control and glide more smoothly without any accidental drips left behind.


Katie said…
Those look great!! I love the sandpaper technique . . .it seems so easy to do!

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