{P,H,F,R} February 16

round button chicken


This is a view of sunset from my dining room window.

This is the same view, except I used the new telephoto lens my mother-in-law gave us for Christmas.  I'm learning to use the new lens.  I'm not sure which shot I like better, yet.


Lil' Lamb loved his Saint Valentine's lolly.  We couldn't have pried it from his hands had we tried.  I was able to clean the whole kitchen, sweep, and vacuum while he worked on it.  He knows what he likes.


 The JayP could not be happier. He's finally attending conventional school and playing on the basketball team.  He's on the varsity squad, but plays mostly junior varsity, as he doesn't yet know and understand all the plays.  The team actually made the state tournament.  At his last home game I was able to snap a few photos of the boy in action.  Here he is taking an extra point free throw after a foul.

 His form looks pretty good.

 The arc looks pretty good.


And yet it was a miss :(


Party of Eleven said…
Great action shots of JayP! I'm glad he is settling in to school and sports nicely :) The pic of Lil' Lamb is precious!

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