A Fine Thank You

I saw the above article online yesterday and it got my dander up.  It's a fine thank you for all we have sacrificed in the 20 plus years we served our country in the military.  Why should this matter? The benefits the administration is considering cutting were promised as a condition of our remaining with the military until retirement.  Wingnut could have jumped at any time after his initial requirement was up.  He could have finished out years ago and flown for the airlines or corporate aviation and made considerable more money, but he felt a calling to serve his country further, and he did.  Benefits are offered as enticement for service members to stay and serve through retirement, and although the pay is not grand, the hours can be long and odd, and the sacrifice might be great, in the end, retired families are offered a thank you in the way of the benefits package.  Those in service to our country in the armed forces risk life, limb, liberty, and livelihood.  Don't they deserve to be treated in good faith?

Retirees are not the only victims of the healthcare cuts.  Active duty personnel and their families will also lose benefits and be forced to pay higher cost shares.  These folks are on the front lines, right now, fighting for our country, our ideals, our liberty.  This is not the gratitude of a thankful president, who not only broke campaign promises to end the wars in the middle east, but then refused to give the military the resources it needed to continue the fight and to succeed in the mission.  This is an absolute travesty of justice.  Who will stand for this?  Not this family.  Once again I'll say, the election cannot come too soon.


Tonya said…
My dad served 20 years with the promise of FREE health care for life. That changed long ago. Our gov't definitely doesn't appreciate the service the military people give. Very frustrating!
Michelle said…
I could better accept paying some for health care if only government contractors were ALSO paying more...but, no, the unions keep them exempt. Really not right.

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