Am I Cynical?

The pro-life community had been in a jubilant mood over the Susan G. Komen Foundation's defunding of Planned Parenthood.  I just wasn't feeling it.

First of all, I wondered why it took so long? I have never understood their collaboration. Komen had to have been aware of the studies linking abortion to increased risk of breast cancer.  The foundation had to have also been cognizant of Planned Parenthood's status as the number one provider of abortions in the U.S.  Komen should have broken with PP years ago.

Secondly, Komen cited not PP's association to abortion as reason to break, but that their new corporate donation program excludes PP because of the Congressional investigation PP has been undergoing.  Of course, that reasoning is laudable and plausible, but it really wasn't a reason for pro-lifers to cheer.  I just couldn't get on the band wagon.

I really didn't believe in Komen's sincerity of conviction and I was right not to.  It truly is unfortunate.  Keep plugging away pro-lifers!  Keep up the letter writing and boycotting of Susan G. Komen.  Keep praying for a conversion of heart.  One of these days Komen will stop funding Planned Parenthood and disavow itself completely from the abortion industry.  That will be a victory worth cheering.


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